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            The 100 Sources in this report have been hand-picked for low-cost buying and profit making.  At the time of printing all addressed were correct and all offers were as stated.  The publisher can not be held responsible for any withdrawn offers or changes in address i any of the firms.  UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITIES GUIDE was published as information, only.  It is suggested that when writing to any of the firms, that you use business stationery and typewrite all correspondence for best results.


1.         AMITY HALLMARK, LTD., P.O. Box 1148, Linden Hill Sta.,     Flushing, NY  11354 offers 1000 8 1/2 x 11 circulars printed and postpaid for only $4.95.  Write.


2.         BUSINESS ENVELOPE MANUFACTURERS, INC., Pearl River, NY  10965 will print #10 envelopes for as low as $3.60 per 1000 and Return Address envelopes for as low as $2.60 per 1000.  Write for free list.


3.         Get Baby Supply Catalog for 25ó from VOLZ ENTERPRISES, 602 Ferris St., Ypsilanti, MI  48197.  Dealership available.  Firm will drop-ship.


4.         Write UNITY BUYING SERVICE, INC., Mt. Vernon, NY  10551 for information on buying Name Brands at factory prices, plus 5% handling charge.


5.         HI-TEST PREMIER PRODUCTS, INC., 361 Broadway, New York, NY  10006 offers quality low cost imported tools.  Write.


6.         AFRICAN WOODCARVINGS, INC., 260 5th Ave., New York, NY  10011 offers low priced African woodcarvings.  Write.


7.         MASHBURN'S, P.O. Box 118-W, Enka, NC  28728 will pay up to $1.00 each for cards and letters postmarked before 1915.  Send stamp for list.


8.         GUTMANN CUTLERY CO., INC., 3956 Broadway, New York, NY  10006 offers imported rifle scopes at lowest importer prices.


9.         ARCO PUBLISHING CO., 480 Lexington Ave, New York, NY  10017 offers self-help books at lowest wholesale cost.  Write.


10.       Write STRADOLIN CORP., 561 6th Ave., New York, NY  10011 for their wholesale catalog on musical instruments.


11.       MASHBURN COINS, Enka, NC  28728 will buy old coins at highest dealer prices for buying.  List dates, mint and condition of your coins.  Enclose stamp for highest offer by return mail.


12.       SUMBERG ENTERPRISES, Dept. "Coins", 331 Eastern Ave., Maiden, MA  02148 offers wholesale coin supplies and books.  Write.


13.       Join RECORD CLUB OF AMERICA, York, PA  17045.  Send $5.00 for life membership.  Receive catalog 25,000 records.


14.       SUPERINTENDENT OF DOCUMENTS, Govt. Printing Office, Wash_ing_ton, DC  offers a free list of directories and books they publish.


15.       LAKESIDE IMPORTS CO., 6800 N. Campbell, Chicago, IL  60645 offers free wholesale catalog of over 100 fast sellers.


16.       Write WARSHAWSKY & CO., 1900-24 S. State St., Chicago, IL  60616 for their wholesale automotive parts and accessories   catalog.


17.       Get free report on "Coin Investing" from GEORGE W. HALINGS, P.O. Box 265, Carlsbad, CA  92008.


18.       Send $1.00 to COIN WORLD, P.O. Box 150, Sidney, OH  45365 for copy of "Basic Knowledge for the Coin Collector".


19.       NATIONAL COUNCIL OF MAILING LIST BROKERS, 55 W. 42nd St., New York, NY  10046 offers a free list reliable Mailing List Brokers.


20.       Write DIVISION OF PRINTING SERVICE, Dept. of Commerce, Washington, DC  for free booklet "Mail Order Business."


21.       TRAPKUS ART STUDIO, 5120 11th Ave., Moline, IL  61265 is the best and lowest cost producer of Art Work for your product or service.


22.       SHELDON CORD PRODUCTS, 3320 W. Lawrence Ave., Chicago, IL  60625 offers a catalog of products below wholesale.  Send $1.00 for catalog.


23.       JACOBI INDUSTRIES, 1715 E. Mercer, Seattle, WA  98102 offers free wholesale catalog of Jewelry, Watches and gifts.


24.       PENNY LABEL CO., 9-15 Murray St., New York, NY  10007 offers lowest prices on gummed perforated addressing labels and other labels.


25.       GUILD MAIL ORDER HOUSE, 103 E. Broadway, New York, NY  10002 offers used Factory cleaned sport coats and suits for $5.75 and $9.95.  Free catalog.


26.       COPEN PRESS, 100 Berriman St., Brooklyn, NY  11208 will print 8-page catalogs or booklets for as low as 1.5 cents each.  Write for price list.


27.       GUTMANN CUTLERY CO., INC., 3956 Broadway, New York, NY  10006 offers imported knives, fishing and hunting equipment as importer prices.


28.       MASHBURN'S IMPORTICO, Enka, NC  28728.  For details and sample circulars of their directories, folios and manuals. Circulars are supplied at cost.  Will drop-ship or you may stock at profits at 500%.


29.       ACE TOY, 468 W. Broadway, New York, NY  10012.  Wholesale toys.  Ask for catalog.


30.       BUSINESS ENVELOPES MANUFACTURERS, INC., Pearl River, NY  10965 offers printed 2-color letterheads for $8.80 per 1000.  Write.


31.       Write CUCKOO CLOCK MFG. CO., INC., 40 W. 25th St., New York, NY  10001 for catalog and prices of Cuckoo, wall, alarm and mantle clocks.


32.       Get 1000 business cards printed for $3.00 or 100 statements for $4.75 from NEW YORK BUSINESS CARD CO., 1272 St. Lawrence Ave., New York, NY  10472.  Write.


33.       JJK-COPY ART, 165 W. 46th St., New York, NY 10036 will reproduce 100 8" x 10" glossy photos for only $12.45.


34.       OLD COLONIAL ANDERSON MILLS, Dalton, GA  30720 offers free catalog of irregular bedspreads for as low as $1.60 each.  Write.


35.       MUSIC, P.O. Box 3305, Beverly Hills, CA  90213 offers new 45 RPM records for 4ó each and LP records for 40ó each.  Write.


36.       HARLOW GEOGRAPHICS, Box 23, Kingston, MA  02360 offers old National Geographics magazines for as low as 20 cents each.  Write for price lists.


37.       Get free catalog of new and used printing machinery, supplies and equipment from TURNBAUGH SERVICES, Mechanicsburg, PA  17055.


38.       Get Electric IBM typewriters for as low as $89.50 and others at $19.95 from QUALITY OFFICE EQUIPMENT CORP., 166 W. 23rd St., New York, NY  10011.  Write.


39.       Send $1.00 for sample catalog and dealer set-up on "Adult Books" to WORLD WIDE BOOK SERVICE, 251 Third Ave., New York, NY  10010


40.       WM. STROH, INC., 568-570 54th St., West New York, NJ  07083 will pay up to $25.00 per 1000 for your inquiry letters.


41.       RUGBY PRESS, 3321 Ave. N, Brooklyn, NY  11234 offers personalized memo pads (1000 sheets) for only $4.50 postpaid.


42.       MUSIC ENTERPRISES,  P.O. Box 55088, Sherman Oaks, CA  91413 offers factory-fresh 8-track tapes for as low as 80ó each, postpaid.  Write.


43.       FEDERAL, 6652 N. Western, Chicago, IL  60645 offers 1-dozen Party records for only $18.00.  Ask for free catalog.


44.       Get catalog of Mexican leather purses, wallets and vests with over 200% profit with 25ó to HANDLEATHER CO., Box 282, Nestor, CA  92053.


45.       LIBERTY BOOK CO., 210 5th Ave., New York, NY  10010 offers adult paperback books at wholesale prices.  Write.


46.       Get free Newsletter, "Selling Books By Mail" from PUBLISHERS EXCHANGE, P.O. Box 1355, Sioux Falls, SD  57101.


47.       DAVIS BOOK WHOLESALES, INC. 115 E. 23rd St., New York, NY  10010 offers surplus and closeout books at wholesale prices.  Write.


48.       CHAMPION PRINTING CO., Box 148, Ross, OH  45061 will drop-ship printing orders to your customers.


49.       OTTO GRUENHUT CO., 377 Broadway, New York, NY  10013 offers pens and pencils at lowest wholesale prices.


50.       MAILERS EQUIPMENT CO., INC., 40 W. 15th St., New York, NY  10011 offers factory rebuild Address machines and Mailing equipment.  Write on letterhead.


51.       JEROS TACKLE CO., INC., 111 16th St., Brooklyn, NY  offers all kinds of fishing tackle at importers prices.  Write.


52.       MAILERS EQUIPMENT CO., INC., 40 W. 15th St., New York, NY  10011 offers rebuilt Pitney Bowes postage meters.  Write.


53.       ADDRESSING MACHINE & EQUIPMENT CO., 383 Lafayette, New York, NY  10003 offers rebuilt offset printing presses at lowest prices.  Write.


54.       Send $1.00 to WORLD TRADE INQUIRIES, Hillyard, WA  99207 for copy of Japan-Hong Kong Directory.


55.       MEXICAN IMPORTING CO., North Pacific, Albany, OR  97321 offers Mexican feather-bird pictures at jobber prices.  Send 25ó for sample pictures and prices.


56.       SOUTH BAY ENTERPRISES, 65 "I" St. Chula Vista, CA  92010 offers free wholesale catalog of Mexican hand-tooled purses.


57.       BOOK SUPPLY CO., P.O. Box 98, Pacific Palisades, CA  90272 offers "girlie" magazines that you can whoesale to retail stores.  Sent $1.00 for samples and prices.


58.       SOUTHERN WATCHES, 5 South Wabash, Chicago, IL  60603 offers free list of pocket and wrist watches starting at $3.00 each.  Write.


59.       T. MASON SALES CO., 957 N. Lewis Ave., Waukegan, IL  60085 offers check writers and money-making details for only $5.00 each for first sample.


60.       Send 35 cents for BREWSTER SALES, 808 Washington, St. Louis, MO  63101 for 100 2-color name and address labels.


61.       Send 12 cents to HOME BUSINESS DIGEST, P.O. Box 839, Long Beach, NY  for a sample copy of their publication.


62.       METRO, 60 South St., Boston, MA  02111 offers free closeout lists.


63.       MASHBURN'S, P.O.  Box 188-W, Enka, NC  28728 will pay up to $.50 each for old baseball cards.  Send stampted, self-addressed envelope for list.


64.       Write COLECTORS NEWS, Box 156, Grundy Center, IA  50638 for a free copy of  their publication.


65.       Write STEPHENS PRODUCTS CO., 2160 Broadway, New York, NY  10023 for free wholesale catalog of costume and personalized jewelry.


66.       ITRACO WATCH CO., Zurich I, Switzerland will drop ship low-cost and premium watches to your customer.


67.       A.A. ARCHBALD, P.O. Box 57985, Los Angeles, CA  90057 offers many books of printed cuts, type fonts, borders, etc., for offset printing paste-ups.


68.       Send $.25 to HOME BUSINESS DIGEST, P.O. Box 839, Long Beach, NY  11561 for sample catalog and instructions on ow to make $100 weekly mailing catalogs.


69.       Write for free copy of "Commerce in Germany" to U.S. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IN GERMANY, Taunusantage 21, Frankfurt A.M., West Germany.


70.       MADE IN EUROPE, 21-29 Unterlindau, 6 Frankdurt 1, West Germany want established U.S. dollars to sell subscriptions to their magazine.


71.       JAKLA GEM, Box 3066, Seminole, FL  33542 offers diamond-like rings as low as $5.00 each.


72.       SELECTIVE BOOKS, INC., 159 Banker St., Brooklyn, NY  11222 offers 100 adult novels as low as $.18 each.


73.       Get copy of "How to Become Rich" from SUCCESS INTERNATIONAL, Box 2447, Livonia, MI  48151.


74.       MASHBURN'S, Box 118-W, Enka, NC  28728 buys most all old pocket knives.  Write giving name, tracing and full description of knives.  Stamped envelope will get our best offer.


75.       Send $1.00 to H.L. RANDALL, 2160 Nokomis, St. Paul, MN  55119 for 16-page buying list of old books.


76.       Write "AFRICAN-ASIAN MARKETS", P.O. Box 325, Bonbay 1, India for their free Trade Journal.  Write on your letterhead.


77.       Write HONG KONG ENTERPRISE, Ocean Terminal, 2nd Deck, Lantoo Gallery, Kowloon, Hong Kong for copy of their Trade Journal.  Write on your letterhead.


78.       Send $.25 to HARPENG LIANG, P.O. Box 1765, Bangkok, Thailand for information on products they will drop ship.


79.       MULTICRAFT, P.O. Box 4119, Rotterdam, Netherlands offers free drop ship catalog.


80.       MERRILL & CO., 7 Bennett St., Battle Creek, MI  49017 offers 1000 First Quality red border shipping labels for $6.50.  Write.


81.       MID-AMERICA BOOK CO., Main Street, Leon, IA  50144 offers free catalog of hundreds of books on antiques.


82.       ASIAN IMPORTS, 6902 20th Avenue, Hyattsville, MD  20783 offers free drop ship catalog of Asian products.


83.       ATLAS ASSOCIATES, 5 Matter Strasse, 85 Nuernberg/Eiback, Germany drop ships imitation 400-day clock.  Write.


84.       RUDI KLENZIER, 7745 Schonach, Germany offers catalog of hand carved souvenirs and clocks.


85.       Write EARL P.L. APPELBAUM, INC., 1420 Walnut, Philadelphia, PA  19102 for free periodical catalogs of Stamp Mail-Bid auctions.


86.       HONG KONG TRADE DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL, Ocean Terminal, Kowloon, Hong Kong will give free information on firms and products from Hong Kong.


87.       IRISH EXPORT BOARD, Lansdowne House, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Ireland will give information on firms and products of Ireland.


88.       Write TAIWAN HANDICRAFT PROMOTION CENTER, Schung Shan Rd., S., Taipei, Taiwan, Formosa for free copy of "China Handicraft Industry" monthly.


89.       Get copy of "Oriental America" form EAST ASIA PUBLISHING CO., 298, 3-chrome, Harajuku, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan.


90.       Get copy of "Japan Trade Monthly" from JAPAN TRADE MONTHLY, Dentsu Bldg., Tokyo, Japan.


91.       Get directory of 92 Mailing List Houses for $.35 form THE SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Washington, DC  20416.


92.       Get free 42-page catalog of mailing lists from HAMS PUBLICATIONS, 224 Market St., Newark, NJ  07102.


93.       Get free 120-page catalog of 120,000 mailing lists form FRITZ S. HOGHEIMER, INC., 29 E. 22nd St., New York, NY  10010.


94.       NECTAR LABEL CO., 34 Hubert St., New York, NY  10013 offers low-cost high quality shipping labels.  Write for price list.


95.       Get free book "Selling by Mail Order" form SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Washington, DC  20416.


96.       Get brochure of pornographic fils vrom EKIBA A/S P.O. Box 11, DK-2660, Broenby Strand, Denmark.  Send $1.00 for Airmail and handling.


97.       Write IMPERIAL MERCHANDISE CO., 22 W. 23rd St., New York, NY  10010 for catalog of imported products.


98.       Write COURT KNITWEAR, LTD., Court Devenish, Athione, Ireland for information and prices on their pure-wool hand-knitted sweaters.  Firm will drop ship.


99.       Send $1.00 for MASHBURN'S IMPORTICO, Box 118-W, Enka, NC  28728 for copy of "FOREIGN PUBLICATIONS DIRECTORY".


100.     Send $1.00 to RUTWARD PUBLICATIONS, Box 735-M, Norwalk, CT  06852 for copy of "Profits in Mail Order."


            The names and addresses of all firms listed in this directory were correct at the time of publication.  It is suggested that you write to all sources on your business letterhead and that you type all corrections when writing to foreign firms.


            This directory is printed aas information only.  We will not be held responsible for any withdrawal of offers or any transactions made with the firms.



I grant you permission to use this article in full or in part as long as you leave my name and link intact


Melissa Moreno


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