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            The vital information contained in this report will allow you to purchase just about anything you desire from the U. S. Government at rock bottom prices and sell it for huge profits!


            Everyday, hundreds of thousands of valuable items, including yachts, airplanes, luxury cars, pickup trucks, jewelry, computers, RV's, houses, furniture, furs, typewriters, jeeps, and much more, are seized in drug raids and auctioned off to the public at incredibly low prices.


            Billions of dollars in real and personal property is also seized or repossessed by the U.S. Customs Service, U. S. Marshals, the Veteran's Administration (VA), the Housing & Development Authority (HUD), Sheriff's Departments, Police Departments, U. S. Postal Authorities, Bankruptcy Courts, and other related agencies.


            In addition to all of this, Department of Defense Surplus offers endless opportunities to purchase unbelievable bargains. People who know how to get involved in buying government property also know that without any previous experience or specific skills, just about anyone can purchase anything the government has for sale and turn it into a profit!


            People just like yourself who have discovered the real meaning of what an "unbelievable bargain" is by attending government auction sales, have gotten involved for one of two reasons: 1) They many a specific item and know they can buy it at an enormous discount; or 2) They are in the business of buying many items at low prices, and selling them for a huge profit!


            Whatever your motive, you can also take advantage of your new purchasing power once you know how to get involved. Maybe you have always dreamed of owning a yacht, stretch limo, or other luxury vehicle. According to recent figures, the government is expected to sell up to one-quarter million vehicles! How would you like to purchase a Porsche, BMW, Jaguar, Lincoln Stretch Limo, Mercedes, Cadillac, or other luxury car for less than $100, and then resell it for a fast $20,000 profit?


            If you have wanted just about anything, but felt you would never be able to afford it, this is your golden opportunity! Would you like to be your own boss and go into business for yourself? Now you can! Through smart buying at bargain prices, and reselling at markups retailers can only dream about, you can put yourself into a position of financial independence faster than you could ever imagine!


            With the unbelievable bargains that will be available to you, you can realistically begin to think about starting a Surplus Store of your own, filled with office furniture, machines and supplies. Or maybe you want to specialize in buying and selling luxury cars! Do you enjoy the electrifying atmosphere of a flea market or swap meet? Government auctions and surplus sales can provide you with an endless supply of merchandise to sell.


            Whatever you wants, needs, or dreams, the information in this report will show you how to make wealth-building dreams come true. By writing to the various agencies and reviewing the pamphlets and other materials they send you, you will be able to decide which agencies and sales are suitable for you. Then you will control an extensive network of contacts, representatives, and agents who will let you know what items they have for sale. Items you can purchase for pennies on the dollar.




            The U. S. General Services Administration (GSA) and the Department of Defense (DOD) are the primary agencies offering federal personal property. Any one of three sales methods may be used to sell surplus personal property. No preference is given to any individual or group no matter which method is used.


                        SEALED-BID AUCTIONS: Bidding forms are provided to

                        Participants. The "Invitation For Bid" (IFB) form describes

                        the property being offered, indicates where the property may

                        be inspected, where bids can be submitted, and any special

                        conditions regarding the sale. Sealed bids are opened publicly

                        and awards are given to the highest bidder.


                        TRADITIONAL PUBLIC AUCTIONS: Property is offered, item

                        by item, and sold to the highest bidder. Bidding instructions are

                        given by the auctioneer on the government property being sold.


                        SPOT BIDDING: Here, a buyer has the opportunity to write down

                        and mail in his bid. Property is awarded after full payment is



            The  best way to keep yourself informed about sales is to get your name on the  GSA's prospective mailing lists. Tens of thousands of luxury cars, sports cars, RV's, Semi's, pickup trucks, and more, are sold each year. You will have to write to each of the 11 regional centers indicated below if you want your name to appear on each of their mailing lists. Each one has a different application. When you write, ask that your name and address be placed on the bidder's list.


            NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION      REGION 2 (New Jersey, New York,

                (District of Columbia,  near by                           Puerto Rico, Virgin  Islands)

                  Maryland and Virginia)                                     GSA CUSTOMER SERVICE BUREAU

                GSA CUSTOMER SERVICE BUREAU             26 Federal Plaza

                7th and D Streets, SW                                         New York, NY  10278

                Washington, DC 20407


                REGION 1 ( Connecticut, Maine,                     REGION 3 (Delaware. Pennsylvania,

                Massachusetts, New Hampshire,                      Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia)

                Rhode Island. Vermont)                                      GSA CUSTOMER SERVICE BUREAU

                GSA CUSTOMER SERVICE BUREAU             Ninth and Market Streets

                Post Office and Courthouse                               Philadelphia, PA  19107

                Boston, MA  02109


                REGION 4 (Alabama, Florida, Georgia,            REGION 8 (Colorado, Montana,

                Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina,           N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Utah.

                South Carolina, Tennessee)                               (Wyoming)


                75 Spring Street, SW                                           Bldg. 41-Denver, Federal Center

                Atlanta, GA 30303                                                Denver, CO  80225


                REGION 5 (Illinois, Michigan,                          REGION  9 ( Samoa, Arizona, California,

                Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin)                           Guam, Hawaii, Nevada)


                230 S. Dearborn Street                                         525 Market Street

                Chicago, IL  60604                                                San Francisco, CA  94105


                REGION 6 (Iowa, Kansas,                 REGION 10 (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon,

                Missouri, Nebraska)                                            Washington)


                1500 E. Bannister Road                                       GSA CENTER

                Kansas City, MO  64131                                     Auburn, WA  98002


                REGION 7 (Arkansas, Louisiana,

                New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas)


                819 Taylor Street

                Fort Worth, TX  76102




            A major seller of forced-sale merchandise and property is the Internal Revenue Service. When the government confiscates a debtor's property through the IRS, it is sold to the highest bidder to recover a part of its losses.


            Property sold by the government is not subject to usual laws of supply and demand. Forced sales operate outside supply and demand laws because the government controls the sale of confiscated property. Their only interest is in trying to recover a certain debt that has been incurred, not what the actual market value is.


            Because realtors aren't informed about forced government sales, you have a distinct advantage! You will be notified of sales as a potential bidder once you get your name on their mailing list. Then you can go directly to the IRS to make your own incredible deal on property selling far below market value.


            IRS property is sold either by public or sealed bid auction. Individual IRS agents are responsible for selling property within their own divisions. That means you won't have to deal with a central or district office to obtain  information about property being auctioned.


            Contact an IRS agent nearest you by referring to your telephone directory. Ask for information that will allow your name to be placed on mailing lists throughout the country. Also, request a copy of the Internal Revenue Service Code Manual Part V Chapter 300 at your local library to learn more about how the IRS auctions off confiscated  property.




            Post Office Auctions, also known as dead parcel or dead letter auctions, are conducted in regionally located U.S. Post Offices. Tens of thousands of items that never reached their intended destination, or were never claimed by the sending or receiving parties, are auctioned off.


            Unclaimed parcels ar opened at dead parcel branches to determine if the property can be returned. If the sender remains unknown, or if the postage remains unpaid, the contents will be sold at auction.


            To obtain Post Office Auction notices and procedures you must have your name placed on a bidder's list. You can receive information regarding the auction sale by writing to the manager in charge of the sale.


            Thousands of items are auctioned off, including clothing, luggage, books, watches, rings, miscellaneous jewelry, electronic equipment and sound recordings, leather goods, and much, much more! The minimum bid is usually $5.00, and many items are sold in lots of 50,75,100,200, 500, and more.


            To have your name placed on all of the U.S. Post Office's regional dead parcel branches bidder's lists, write to the following addresses and request that your name be added to their auction bidder's mailing list:




                WESTERN REGION - (Washington,                               Posmaster

                Oregon, California, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii,  Dead Letter Branch

                Montana, Idaho, Nevada & Utah)                                    U. S. Post Office

                U. S. Post Office                                                                   180 E. Kellog Blvd.

                Dead Parcel Branch                                                             St. Paul, MN 55101-9414

                1300 Evans Avenue

                San Francisco, CA  94188-9661                                          NORTHEAST REGION -

                                                                                                                (New York, Maine, New Jersey,

                SOUTHERN REGION - (Texas,                                        Vermont, Rhode Island,

                Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Florida,                         Massachusetts, Connecticut,

                Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia                                      New Hampshire)

                & Alabama)                                                                           New York City Post Office

                U. S. Post Office                                                                   Auction Room

                Dead Parcel Branch                                                             380 W. 33rd St.

                P.O. Box 44161                                                                      New York, NY  l0001-9998

                Atlanta, GA  30336-9506

                                                                                                                EASTERN REGION -

                CENTRAL REGION - (Wyoming,                    (Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland,

                Colorado, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesosta,                             Deleware, Pennsylvania, North

                Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois,                         Carolina, South Carolina,

                Indiana, & North Dakota)                                                   West Virginia, & New Jersey)

                U. S. Post Office                                                                   U. S. Postal Service

                Dead Parcel Branch                                                             Claims & Inquiries

                Chicago, IL 60607-9506                                                       30th & Market St.

                                                                                                                Philadelphia, PA  19104 -9998


I grant you permission to use this article in full or in part as long as you leave my name and link intact


Melissa Moreno



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