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About receiving free fax and phone calls from almost any country enables you to receive free fax and phone calls from to fax machines, computers and hand help computers in a quick and fast way. The fax and phone receive service is totally free off charges, no setup fee or monthly fee. Just enjoy the fax and phone receive service from fax and phone receive service is a service made mainly to serve the people. When using fax and phone receive service from you can also send free SMS, send jokes and key press ring tones by going to We are adding more and more networks and countries to out service with in the near future so that you can receive fax and phone receive service to any country from fax and phone providers in .

We are glad to inform you that we have a free fax and phone network in , please continue and check the country you receiving fax from

If is not listed or not working, please provide us with a valid email address and we will send you an email as soon as the free fax and phone network is working in . We will do everything we can to make sure will be as listed soon, so that you can recive free fax and phone call to and from . will in the near future provide features like birthday reminders, receive faxes, to and so on. Hope you like the free fax and SMS service for Please drop us your comments at Contact us and if you can please donate some money to keep our service working.

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FAX: Faxes are still the only alternative to email when sending important documents and such. To send and receive free faxes we use fax gateways and VOIP, even if some networks provides this service free.

We still need donations so that we can present you this free fax service provided across the world, across maximum countries.


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